Third Lane of the Princess Beatrix Lock

Third Lane of the Princess Beatrix Lock


The Princess Beatrix lock is the largest and most monumental inland navigation lock of the Netherlands. This lock is situated on the Lek Canal, near Nieuwegein. The Lek Canal is also the most important direct connection via waterway between the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Amsterdam. In time larger vessels will be using the canal. Due to a recent increase in traffic, the lock can cause a bottleneck.

To alleviate this problem, a third lane is being constructed at the lock complex. Due to this expansion, a faster handling is attained of the cargo-traffic on the Lek Canal.

In addition to the expansion, the entrances and waiting area of the Princess Beatrix lock and the Lek Canal are enlarged. Also, the roads in the environment of the lock are adjusted and modified. A new bridge, crossing the new third lane, is also being built.

The new third lane is situated at the east side of the existing lock. This new lane is larger, deeper and wider than the two existing lanes. The new third lane is also built ‘hidden’ in the landscape. This is done to preserve the monumental character of the existing lock.

The new lane has a length of 270m and a width of 25m. The new sill level is situated on -5.8mNAP. With this level, ships with an immersion of 4m can enter the lock.

SBE was the partner in the design team who was responsible for the lock gates of the new third lane. Tasks completed included:

  • Lock Gate Type selection
  • Lock gate detail design

For the existing lanes 1 & 2, SBE also determined the remaining lifetime of the existing steel lock gates of these lanes.


Prinses Beatrixsluis, Nieuwegein, Utrecht, Netherlands
Port & river engineering
Design Lock
Port development
2016 - 2017