Study Movable Bascule Bridges

Study Movable Bascule Bridges


The Kieldrecht lock (formerly known as Deurganckdok lock) with dimensions of 500m x 68m x 17.8m will become the largest lock of the world. At the height of each lock head, two mixed track and road bridges already ensure that traffic can drive continuously over the lock. Cyclists and pedestrians can also cross the lock in this way.


This project involves the construction of 2 movable road bridges over the lock (bascule bridge) also provided with a bicycle and footpath. 


SBE is responsible for the study and the optimized design of the folding bridge, the covering of the basement, the landings, the ladders and the handrails on and in the bridge cellars, the control of the existing concrete structures under the forces originating from the road bridges, the determination of the jack forces, the definition of the mechanical elements of 2 road bridges Kieldrechtsluis (Deurganckdok lock) and the interface check based on the executed condition of the bridge basements.


Meer specific:

1. Bridge basement cover

  • Design basis;
  • Check dimensions bridge deck + coordination with dimensions of steel construction moving part;
  • Complete calculation note + optimize design;
  • General arrangement drawings, formwork and reinforcement drawings.

2. Steel construction moving bridge

  • Design basis;
  • Complete calculation note + optimize design;
  • Dimensioning of all members of the main bridge structure;
  • Fatigue and detailed study;
  • General arrangement drawings and detailed drawings.

3. Determination of the jack forces and definition of the mechanical elements

4. Checking the embedded parts

5. Interface control based on the existing bridge basement drawings


Kieldrechtsluis, Beveren, Belgium
Civil engineering & infrastructure
2015 - 2016