Renovation Van Cauwelaert lock

Renovation Van Cauwelaert lock


The Van Cauwelaert lock is the most important access gate to the port of Antwerp (Belgium) for inland navigation vessels. It dates from 1928 and the Flemish Government currently has to spend EUR 2 to 5 million every year for urgent maintenance work.

The lock has to ensure a good connection between the Scheldt and its inner terminals on the Right Bank and the link with the Albert Canal, also in the event of stormy weather or high tides. It was decided to completely renovate the lock including 4 new lock gates.


SBE executed all the engineering design for the renovation of the lock:

a) Preliminary design

b) Final design

  • Foundations
  • Lock gates including (electro)mechanical equipment
  • Civil constructions
  • Coordination and inspection of the works during construction

      Van Cauwelaert 




Kruisschansweg, Antwerp, Belgium
Port & river engineering
Lock design
Port development
2008 - 2012