Renovation Roadway Boudewijn Bridge

Renovation Roadway Boudewijn Bridge


The Boudewijn Bridge is located in the Antwerp port area on the right bank of the Scheldt. The bridge lies over the southeastern head of the Boudewijn lock, the entrance to the harbor.

The Boudewijn Bridge is a bascule bridge of the Strauss type. There is also a single-track railway crossing the bridge. If this bridge is open to shipping traffic, rail and road traffic can still pass through the lock along the Meestoof bridge at the other head of the lock.

The study involved the design of a new bridge deck, comprising the driving deck and the subfloor. The existing wooden bridge deck is replaced by a steel bridge deck.

As a result of the new weight distribution, the balance of the bridge had to be checked, the adjustment of the counterweight had to be studied. The stability and strength of each part of the bridge had to be examined. If necessary, new parts are designed to ensure stability and strength. At the same time, the influence of the new brace bars to be placed had to be taken into account.

SBE was responsible for the renovation of the bridge deck of the Boudewijn bridge:

  • Preliminary Design study;
  • Development of the retained preliminary design to a final design;
  • Making the necessary calculations and calculation note of the structures;
  • Preparation of execution drawings;
  • Preparation of tender documents;
  • Support to the Client during implementation.
Boudewijnbrug, Antwerpen, Belgium
Civil engineering & infrastructure
Redesign Bridge
2007 - 2008