Renovation of Zemst Lock Mitre Gates

Renovation of Zemst Lock Mitre Gates


The Zemst lock is an important link on the Brussels-Scheldt sea canal. The aim of the renewal of the mitre gates at the centre of the Zemst lock is to speed up the turning time of the ships with the small lock chamber. The adjustments to the existing configuration, i.e. more butterfly valves with a larger diameter, made it possible to reduce the turning time for the small chamber to approximately 15 minutes. Previously, the turning time was about 45 min.

The design of the new gates had to be compatible with the existing civil works and hinges of the old lock which had to be reused

The purpose of this contract was to provide technical and administrative assistance for the preparation of a complete study up to and including the procurement documents.

More specifically, SBE provided the following services:

  • Completing a measurement plan and/or a planning plan;
  • Preliminary design;
  • Detail design;
  • Procurement documents;
  • Submission and application for planning permission.


Sluis Zemst, Sluisweg, Zemst, Belgium
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