Realisation of the Boulevard Bridge

Realisation of the Boulevard Bridge


The Boulevard Bridge is a movable bascule bridge in the Antwerp municipality of Willebroek across the Zeekanaal Brussel-Schelde. This new construction connects the intersection Appeldonkstraat (Puurs-Willebroek) and Boom on the main axis N177.

The Boulevard Bridge will replace the 2 old bridges and will make the sea channel navigable for ships up to 10,000 tonnes. The bridge forms an important link in the complete new access to Willebroek-Noord, where 60 hectares of new industrial estates are planned.

The current channel width of 18m is increased to 57 meters by the new bridge. The vertical clearance will be 9.5 m, so all inland vessels can pass the bridge without having to pick up the bridge.

The structure of the bridge is a bowstring on the blow side with a counterweight at the other end; a tube from plates as a trigger to the counterweight box.

The assignment includes the  execution and delivery of the complete studie of the bascule bridge at Willebroek according to the specifications in the agreement:

  • Preliminary study and preliminary design towards the call for tenders;
  • Design of the abutments including the bridge cellar;
  • Implementation study + detailed study of steel superstructure;
  • Implementation study fixed bridge + abutments.


Boulevardbrug Willebroek-Boom, Willebroek
Civil engineering & infrastructure
2005 - 2008