Quay Wall Stabilisation - Antwerp

Quay Wall Stabilisation - Antwerp


As part of the realization of the Masterplan Schelde Quays, the historic quay walls at the Ledeganck quay and the Herbouville quay are to be stabilized.

The historic quay walls were in very bad condition: the stability of the quays was problematic and the quay walls also had significant structural cracks. The most economical solution turned out to completely demolish the old wall and build a new quay wall.

The new quay wall is conceived as a combi-wall which is fixed to an anchor wall at 2 levels. A 9m deep excavation was required to enable the placement of the anchors, as well as the construction of the anchor wall.

The quay wall to be renovated is located in a tidal river and has a length of approximately 675m. The height of the quay wall is approximately 18 meters, which will allow boats with depths of up to 8 meters to moor in the future.

SBE is responsible for:

  • Completing the preliminary design up to tendering design;
  • Drafting the procurement documentation;
  • Constrcution supervision.



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