Lock design Kattendijk

Lock design Kattendijk


The Kattendijk lock re-opened in 2011 and connects the river Scheldt with the Kattendijk dock (Antwerp, Belgium). The lock was in poor condition and required a serious refurbishment. The lock was closed in the 90's because of the long waiting times due to tidal action which  made the locks unprofitable.


During the renovation the lock doors and its drive mechanism were replaced. A new rolling bridge was also installed enabling traffic to cross the river on the Rijn quay.

SBE was responsible for the preliminary and detailed engineering design of the lock gates (mittre gates), the rolling bridge, the quay walls  of the lock chamber and all mechanical equipment. SBE also provided technical assistance during the works.






Kattendijksluis, Belgium
Lock design
Port development
2008 - 2011