Deep-Sea Quay - Offshore Terminal

Deep-Sea Quay - Offshore Terminal


A new terminal is being built on the Maasvlakte 2 in Rotterdam for the fast-growing offshore wind industry. This extends the production and storage capacity of monopiles (foundations) for wind turbines, thus enhancing the market leader's position.

MariTeam (a joint venture of SBE, MUC and Iv-Infra) is responsible for the realization of the whole quayside infrastructure: a deep sea quay, an inland quayside and 2 landings.

As the Maasvlakte 2 is a reclaimed area, it lends itself strongly to the construction of a deep sea quay. This also allows the largest jack-up ships to be admitted. 

The 500m long deep sea quay consists of a 18m wide concrete relief floor and a substructure consisting of a combi-wall, concrete foundation piles and 60m long steel piles.

The deep sea quay can be considered as one of the largest quay walls in the world with a culminating height of 30m and a design top load of 10 tons/m². The dimensions that the quay wall assumes are close to the limits of what is possible. As a result of the extreme dimensions of this quay wall, it was necessary to continuously test the constructability during the design.

A major challenge within this project was the time frame within which the entire assignment had to be completed successfully. In just 5 months, the entire design, including final design and procurement documents, had to be completed.

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