Construction of a Dyke - De Bunt

Construction of a Dyke - De Bunt


Within the framework of the updated Sigma plan, the 'Zeeschelde' basin has to be protected from storm surges from the North Sea. This means that the controlled flooding area, 'De Bunt' in Hamme along the Durme and the Scheldt Rivers had to be improved.

The first phase of the works involved the stockpiling of reusable dredging spoil from the Durme River.

The object of this assignment is the construction of a dyke (or bund) and appurtenances (service road, canal, buffer basin, pumping station, parking area) around the future controlled, reduced tidal area, 'De Bunt'.


During these works special attention has to be paid to:

  • The release of a high-pressure oxygen pipeline from Air Liquide Industries Belgium, which crosses the site zone;
  • To safeguard the upstream discharge of surface water through the construction site in the direction of the Scheldt River;
  • Performing archaeological research;
  • Maximum reuse of spoil and soil excavated on site during the construction of the ring dyke to limit the impact of the works on people and the environment as much as possible.

SBE was responsible for:

  • Geotechnical calculations regarinding the dyke structure;
  • Design of a pumping station with auger pumps;
  • Dredging Design;
  • Design of various drainage structures;
  • Drawing up a complete tender dossier.
Hamme, Belgium
Port & river engineering
2014 - 2016