Urban mobility Plan Mechelen station

Urban mobility Plan Mechelen station


This ambitious urban mobility plan located in Mechelen (near Antwerp, Belgium) aims to completely refurbish and upgrade the central station and its surroundings. The goal of the project is to improve the city’s accessibility via public transport and seamlessly integrate the new infrastructure with the historical city centre with maximum respect for the environment. The area will be focused around bikers and pedestrians.

Many aspects of this mobility plan are unique in Belgium and  it will set a benchmark for a plethora of projects to come. Some key features of the plan include:

  • new central station futuristic superstructure with 12 rail tracks
  • 3 level underground car park for 2,000 cars and a covered parking area for 5,000 bikes
  • new bus station
  • new road infrastructure (tunnel, roads and overpass)

  Mechelen     Mechelen

SBE is a consortium member for this assignment and is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Engineering design of underground car park
  • Engineering design of overpass for 2 rail tracks + superstructure
  • Engineering design of road works + tunnel design of tangent road


Colomastraat, Mechelen, Belgium
Civil engineering & infrastructure
Industrial & buildings
2012 - 2015