Sharing our sustainable engineering expertise to realize our clients' visions with maximum respect for environmental and social welfare; that's our mission.

SBE is an engineering consultant with more than 25 years of experience and references throughout the world. Over the last couple of years our business has more than doubled and we are employing more than 110 motivated engineers & CAD designers who made us a major player on the Belgian market.

Our core business units include:

  • Port & hydraulic engineering
  • Civil engineering & infrastructure
  • Geotechnics
  • Industrial constructions & buildings
  • Electromechanics

We got internationally renowned by the engineering design of the largest locks in the world, ie. locks in the Port of Antwerp (Belgium), Port of Sevilla (Spain), Panama,... Port development is also an area we are successfully focusing on (Belgium, Nigeria, Haiti, Vietnam,...).

Currently SBE is expanding its business even further abroad and involved in World Bank and Asian Development Bank projects in Africa and Asia. If you want to get to know our business even further, then do check out our references.