SBE continues to invest in engineering and CAD software.  Our employees are continuously being trained to obtain technological excellence in our engineering efforts. 

We use cutting-edge 3D finite element analysis software to deliver precise and economically feasible solutions.



Building Information Model (BIM)

SBE can offer BIM models (range 3D-7D) to its customers. BIM is the new standard and SBE continues to invest in BIM-software and training of the users.



Virtual Reality (VR)

SBE has recently invested as well in a Virtual Reality set-up.  BIM models can be watched and reviewed in virtual reality allowing in-depth reviews and visualisations.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Our engineers have to deal with large amounts of spatial data that goes well beyond the footprint of the various constructions we design. These data include digital elevation models, aerial photography, cadastral information, soil survey data and utility line information. To get the most out of this information, we use GIS techniques in order to manage, create and visualize spatial data. Our GIS expert group provides internal training and support when advanced data-analysis is required. For complex projects, we have the capability to set up a tailored online interactive system, allowing clients and stakeholders to consult maps and underlying data via web browser, WMS or WFS.