European Social Fund

European Social Fund



SBE is constantly evolving and keeps on investing in the personal development of its employees. To achieve a suitable internal career policy, SBE can rely on the European Social Fund (ESF) which is intended to provide financial support for institutions pursuing sustainable initiatives.


A brief description of the projects both parties commit themselves:


ESF appeal 386 – Sustainable career policy

The development of a sustainable career policy is a big step forward in the realization of SBE’s strategy. Our employees are an important asset and therefore their development is integrated in the mission and the strategical objectives of the company. A workability study has proven that our employees itself have a pronounced interest in this theme.

The priority action areas in which SBE will take initiatives are work-life, career and competence policy. Our sustainable career policy will take shape by the implementation of a cycling policy and the restriction of ergonomic risks relied on working on computers. Competence profiles and career paths will be drawn up, so employees will be given attractive career opportunities. The creation of a training strategy and centres of expertise need to further more shape the development of our employees and stimulate a lasting learning culture.


ESF appeal 395 – Training  in organizations

Given the nature of our services, we mainly work with highly qualified people within SBE. Most of our employees obtained a master or bachelor degree in engineering. This either doesn't mean we don't need to bother about training of our employees given the fact that our world is constantly changing and digitizing.

There is a constant evolution of the software packages SBE uses. Those packages are becoming more and more complex therefore other forms of (digital) cooperation are necessary.  

As a result, SBE wishes to constantly train their employees in terms of digital and social skills. This appeal of ESF ‘Training in organizations’ is therefore ideal because with the financial support SBE has the opportunity to realize such trainings.